mother nature
are you aware
of how controlling you really are

and if so
what's it like
to have all that power
please tell me

you control so much
and impact
so many different lives
including mine

every day
you tell me
how i need to dress
who does that

and of course
you always
control my emotions
all the time

and there are times
when you become
so very violent*
and murder

and do you know
that there are people
who make a living
predicting you

because you are
so bipolar
and unpredictable
you know it's true

so are you aware
of the impact your actions have
on this world

or are you selfish
and choose to do
whatever you want
without a care

this song is just me and bass. i attempted to record it. i hope you can hear the vocals. here's the link

*when i was recording i accidentally said angry instead of violent. i have no idea why i did this and i didn't even notice it until i uploaded it. now i'm not sure which word i like better. does it even make a difference?
I just want to know that I did all I could with what I was given.