I did this for my final for my creative writing class this last year. Basically, the concept is that it's supposed to capture the essence of what the idea of "emo" is (in the context of being an offshoot of punk and how it has evolved) and the romanticizing of tragedy, sadness, mental illness, etc. that I see as being pretty common among young people, to the point where we enjoy depressing ourselves. So with that said, I can't necessarily call it ironic, but the songs are not to be held at face value. I tried to be as sincere, but layered about my point as possible.

I recorded it purposefully with minimal equipment and little preparation, like almost all of the drums and acoustic guitar was recorded with the on-board mic on my four track. I use some toy keyboards/pianos, a cheap melodica, and some really bad production techniques because I'm still figuring out how all the works. And I know about my vocals, constantly working on them.

Anyway, this is all still fairly rough considering I had to rush it for a deadline, and I wanted to have a lot more songs, but I am still pretty satisfied about it as a whole, considering the circumstances that I had to make it under.
OHHHH I like this. This is really sweet man, kind of reminds me of Bright Eyes. Going a little overboard with the theme with starting with "I want to kill myself" now don't you think ? Love the electric guitar and piano when they come in on the second song, really nice. Kind of getting a The Cure vibe as well, which really fits with the names and album cover. The lo-fi sound really works well for this, everything is perfectly clear and it gives it a really nice vibe.