Hi Guys,
Recently I orders a Vox Stomplab ig pedal for my guitar however the problem is it doesn't come with a power supply. The only information that I can find is that it needs a 9v power supply. I have a power supply that is 9v however it is 9v ~ 1A. Do you think the amps may be too much? It has been too much for the keyboards I have tried it in.
Yes, just make sure it's got a centre negative polarity. (Little diagram with two circles and and a half open circle in the middle, you want the open side to be facing the circle with the negative sign inside it.)
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Thank you for the quick reply I can't tell whether it is centre negative because it doesn't have a diagram. By the way it is an AC adaptor.
Here is the information on it:
PRI.:230V ~ 50Hz 83mA
SEC.:9.0V ~ 1.0A 9.0VA

Will it blow out my pedal if it isn't right?
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The amperage of a supply is the maximum it can supply, not what it does supply.
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The amperage of a supply is the maximum it can supply, not what it does supply.

this. it doesn't matter if the power supply puts out 1.0amp and the pedal only needs 35mA; the pedal will only draw what it needs. the problem arises when your pedal demands more amperage than the power supply puts out (your power supply burns out).