Great stuff!

The riff at 1:20 is bad ass man! I really like how the intro begins, 1:40 with the guitar by itself was really cool for the break down. The drum part at 1:52, I'm not sure if it fits for the break down. I think it would be more smooth if if continued like this 1:47-1:51.

The mix is very well done I must add. At 3:02 with the clean i feel would sound cool somewhere at the beginning of the song because it sounds like hole another song when it appears later in the song, but that's just my opinion. It would be cool to here 2:30-2:40 again in the song just to make it longer. You guys have great playing/singing skills but the song is a little short that's why it would be cool to hear some parts be repeated

C4C- Hope this helps, Here's a demo I'm trying to re-record. Let me know what you think as well . https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1603474
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