Alright so i am currently practing on my electric guitar right now and i wanted to know if im practing properly. Ive been practicing by covering songs. The two songs i can basically cover are "Never Too Late" Three days grace (Yeah..i know) and "Not good enough for the truth in cliche" by escapethefate. Not too difficult but is this in any way a good way to learn on my electric guitar? I feel like im learning the song but not the actual music behind and important guitar techniques i should know....Please i would appreciate some insight on how you started/Basics/Techniques. Anything really to get me learning properly. Thanks for the read
When most people get started, they want to learn songs they like. There's nothing wrong with that. I have never met anyone who is worse off for it. Who wants to start learning guitar by running technical exercises and scales?
Yeah, start by doing stuff you enjoy, otherwise you risk starting to hate playing guitar, and then that just sucks :/

There are a number of good beginners articles and lessons in the lessons section on UG, so maybe take a look at those at some point as well
Understanding why isn't as important as having fun practicing. Trying to understand theory will probably make you crazy right now. Just pay attention to how certain chord progressions sound together and what works. Eventually, you will start creating licks and start piecing together songs on your own. As long as you feel like you are improving, you are doing it right.
Start with playing your favorites, the ones u think you can handle. If you keep playing stuff everyday and experimenting with different songs and techniques eventually you'll just figure things out with time. And using the internets (UG) will help
My advice to you is... Start drinking heavily
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Worked for me. I learnt to play pretty much all of Ziggy Stardust when I first got my guitar, just be ause I liked it. For ages, I was just strumming the chords, then adding bits of fil, then some bits of lead. Before I knew it, I was playing the majority of the guitar parts.

Only then did I start to worry about technique and scales. But still carried on learning songs I liked all the time. When you do get to be interested in technique, there is loads of material. Just google 'free guitar lessons'!

Most of all, keep up the good work, and keep enjoying it!
hey the great thing about it is you can do as you please and go at your own pace.

Think about it...when a baby first learns to talk, he first learns words, (chords).
One word here.....one word there.

Then he starts to slowly learn how to put those words (or chords) together to make a sentence, (song).

the later on after a few years or learning to talk he starts learning alphabet letters (notes), how to form words...why they work...all the rules to words...reading, writting...etc.

It's like learning a new language to talk the language of music and your voice is the guitar......so take your time and enjoy!