Ok lookin for a 12 string and was wondering what you all thought for a body Rosewood or Maple ? and why? it will be played electrically as well as acoustically Thanks for your input.
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You need to come up with a budget if you'd like some responses. One of the Guild Jumbo 12 strings is worth about three grand nowadays.

I think Taylor has custom twelves from 3xx and up. (3xx model numbers)

The best "bang for the buck" 2 string around now, (@7 about bills w A/E), is most likely the Seagull S-12. That's cedar top, with big leaf maple laminated B & S. It's not really supposed to be as bright as the other species used for guitars. More like mahogany.

I love 12 strings, but they are shrill, so I always amp them. I punch up the bass, and roll off the treble. Not very loud mind you, just enough to contour the sound. Personally I'd look at the rosewood first, if I could afford it.

The Seagull's cedar top would make it a good candidate for me.
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I'm not really thinking budget but your right, I have Guild and Larrivee 6 strings so I want something kind of middle of the road. I like 12's by both companies.
I have been looking for a 12 myself, and while I'm favoring the Seagull for a lot of reasons, I was also impressed with the Breedloves.


I also like the Ovation, but I don't think it would give you the sound you seek.
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