So, I've got a Dean Vendetta 1000 with a Floyd Rose Special in it. It's always stayed in tune perfectly when I get it set up right, but just recently I've been having a problem. My high E string keeps popping out of the bridge. It only happens with that string, and I've tried changing to different strings numerous times.

Is there something wrong with the locking piece in the bridge? Do I maybe need a new string locking nut (that black inserted block)? It's really bugging me, I haven't been able to play this guitar for over a month or two now because of this specific problem.
I've seen guys get the little blocks in there upside down and have the strings pull out. Or sometimes a little piece of broken string gets in there and keeps the block from tightening all the way.
I checked and made sure the blocks in there right, positive it is. Maybe there is something in there like you said. I'll check it out then