...be cautious. Mine has just failed after less than two months.

Usually I'd just write this off as 'one of those things' and get a replacement under warranty, but I've decided to pursue a full refund this time. There's been a number of smaller issues in the brief time that I've owned it that suggest this is poorly engineered product:

- Arrived brand new out of the box with the front panel half off because it hadn't been glued properly
- The stereo pot for the main monitor output volume was badly aligned/poor quality, so at lower levels the left channel would decrease in volume way before the right.

If anyone comes in to say 'that's what you should expect when you buy budget gear', no. Recording gear should be, first and foremost, reliable. If you can't make it reliable at a certain price, don't make it for that price.

Don't get me wrong; the sound quality has exceeded my expectations and the drivers are rock solid. If you're using it for non-critical applications like a home studio, it's still the best for the buck out there.

If you do this stuff for a living and need something highly dependable, don't waste your money. I'm getting a refund and will probably go with Focusrite or Motu this time.
I had a chance to demo the Studiolive, they're pretty good but I can't help but think the new Scarlett 18i20 and an Octopre would be a much better option for recording. Of course that depends on your needs, if you want physical faders and sends then obviously the Presonus is a better choice.

Saying that, the Presonus lacks any form of ADAT so you wouldn't be able to add extra preamps if you needed, also I don't know if it would be a problem for you but it only supports a maximum sample rate of 48kHz.
^Presonus has the LightPipe (discontinued) and the Digimax (like a firestudio project).
Both are ADAT.
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^Presonus has the LightPipe (discontinued) and the Digimax (like a firestudio project).
Both are ADAT.

I was referring to the one he mentioned the Studiolive, they lack any kind of ADAT extension.
i have an 18i6 which works great in conjuction with a digimax. Seeing the 18i20 now makes me sad seeing all those outputs that i dont have