Hi, I have a problem with my amp. So let me explain it (I'm relatively new to all of this so if I don't know what I'm talking about I'm sorry lolol)
I plugged in my guitar and turned on my amp to get a static noise that sounds horrible and I can't hear the guitar over it. I un-plugged the guitar and left the chord in, but I still get the static noise. I un-plugged the chord and the noise was gone. The noise only happens when the chord is plugged in.
My friend said its probably the chord, but the chord is relatively new (got it a few years back, never really used it so I can't see how the chord got messed up, anything is possible I guess) could it possibly be the input for the amp? I have a Fender Princeton 65 DSP amp.
Help will be greatly appreciated!
Sounds like it's the cord. A bad input would usually still make noise when the cord was out.
Ah, alright man! Thanks! I just wanted someone else's opinion before I decided to go out and just buy a chord and find out its not that!