Can I take the neck off an old junker Tuser and put it on a new body. Is this neck bolted on or glued on? I can buy it cheap and use it if possible. Tele style neck is what it is called I think. I dont know much about elec. guitars but I am quite crafty. Any guidance would be appreciated.

My 2 cents: don't do it. Most of the time, guitars and necks are made for each other and trying to put a neck on a different guitar, especially if it's a weird/budget brand like Jay Turser doesn't work at all because of the pocket size, shape, angle, and more.
I have a friend who didn't realize this and kept purchasing cheap basses (at least 4) in an attempt to get a neck for a body he has, and not a single one came close to fitting.

Yes, you can buy replacement necks for Fenders and such but a JT neck isn't guaranteed by any means to fit anything but a JT guitar.

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