I'm currently in a "band" and I say that because we haven't done anything, primarily because I'm the only one who really puts a lot of effort into writing any songs, and it has taken a while to get off the ground so to speak as there has been numerous instrument-switching and member changes. The situation is that my friend created the band and I thought it would be great to actually write our own songs. The only problem is I'm the only one who is really enthused about doing so, even though the aforementioned friend says he wants to take it seriously, and there a bunch of things that are getting annoying. Firstly, I play both guitar and bass (in this band I'm the bassist) but when I come up with something before we meet up sometimes it gets brushed aside. For example, we get together in a music shop and a few weeks ago I took my guitar in and said I had created some new riffs and one of the first things my friend said was "do you think he (the shop owner) would let you borrow a bass?" This leads me on to annoyance #2. My friend is on rhythm guitar and is supposed to be on vox too, except he's more focused on the former than writing lyrics or singing, even though he is adamant on doing both. When we get together we book the rehearsal room for 2 hrs, which is mostly spent playing the same old covers, and what frustrates me is that sometimes instead of playing the cover I'll be composing a solid riff, but it doesn't go anywhere because they'll be another cover after the first one, or my friend will ask me to learn a song when I'd rather write our own (I don't mind covers, just not when they make up like 80% of band meetings). Also, when my friend writes a cool riff and shows it to me, we'll usually play it through a couple of times, maybe deciding an order and a verse/chorus pattern to the same song, but then it'll be on to something else again. This is especially annoying because as I mentioned he says he is serious about it and he keeps telling me about all the pedals he wants to get and I'm wondering why if he's not gonna do anything with them, i.e. write songs. Another thing is that everyone else seems to just leave it until our meetings to come up with anything whereas I'm writing stuff all the time, and that makes me question how serious my friend really is about the venture (I've actually got my own little solo project going at the moment which I'm honestly more focused on and sometimes when I write a really cool song I keep it for myself). I don't want to open a can of worms but I'm really not enthused at the moment. Should I leave the band and focus on my solo project, or should I see where it goes?
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Time for a split, bro. Your band is a bunch of clowns and it's time for you to find someone who really appreciates your talents.