I'm the bassist and songwriter of the band, Dire Insanity, a 6-piece progressive/melodic death metal band from London, England.

We're extremely influenced by In Flames and Dream Theater (hence our genre name!) but we also have a deeply embedded thrash influence and take inspiration from a variety of genres and artists.
We have three guitarists in the band and put a lot of emphasis on them in our songwriting. It's not just rhythm, lead guitar and harmonised lead guitar; there's a lot of interesting songwriting going on. Oh, and I write some pretty crazy basslines too...so hopefully we should appeal to a lot of bassists out there!

We released our debut EP earlier this month and are now in the process of promoting it. You can download the 'My Escape' EP for FREE via our bandcamp page by clicking here.
So far we've received a positive critical response towards it.

If you get the chance to check us out, please leave us some feedback. It'd be much appreciated and is much needed!

Thanks a lot!

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first song had no music. might wanna look into that.

Hmm...I have no idea why it's doing that. It's best to download the EP instead anyway as there have been no reported problems through that method! Also, it's free