Anyone ever try or own this midel? how does it measure up to playaqbility, 'bassy' sound to a Tak, Taylor, Martin, etc etc
i had this exact guitar. i was head over heels in love with it for a time. it was my first solid wood acoustic. if i recall correctly its low end overpowered everything else. not in a horrible way, but definitely very noticeable when you a/b tested it with higher end guitars. it doesn't measure up to a martin or most taylors, but for the price it's a great value. i'd buy another one. wish i hadn't sold mine actually...would be an ideal campfire guitar.
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I own the non a/e model. I can't really make the comparisons you've requested because there aren't any Martins or Taylors in its price range and I've never played a comparative Takamine.

All in all, it's a good guitar. Very competitive with other guitars in the same price range.