I've been breaking way too many strings on my acoustic guitar and it's frustrating me.

It always happens while tuning, and it always happens right at the headstock.

I've been playing in a lot of different open tunings lately, so I am tuning the guitar constantly. But recently it's begun happening after I tune the guitar down and am going back up to standard, which just seems ridiculous. The damn strings should be able to handle standard tuning after all, no? But I can feel it, too- there's always a TON of tension in the tuners and I can almost always see it coming.

Any ideas as to why this could be happening?
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Try tuning slower. I was going through strings pretty bad when I was tuning down to play 7 string stuff and then tuning back up to play in standard.

By tuning slowly, you will let the strings stretch and release at a less rapid rate. If you're tuning more than a 3 step difference you might tune it about halfway there and let it sit for about 10 seconds, strum it a couple times, then tune it the rest of the way.
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When you go from a low tuning to a high tuning, it puts more strain on the strings (obviously). But it doesn't matter that the change is going back to standard, just that it is going up. Try tuning slower and also try tuning all of the strings together. What I mean by that is, for example, if you had to to tune all 6 strings up 2 full steps, try tuning each string up half a step and repeat the process until you're at the proper tuning. That puts an even level of tension on each string.

Also, does the neck bow or anything when you tune up? Your neck might be set to handle a lower tuning and now when you tune up the strings break because of excess tension from the neck.
The string is binding in the nut. When this happens, the string is tightening from the nut to the tuner and is tightening faster than the rest of the string, then breaks. Try using graphite in the nut. Make sure its clean. You may even need to hit it with a file. NOT much, just to smooth it out. Worse case, you need a new nut.
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Try using graphite in the nut.

+1. I would also advise always returning your guitar into standard tuning when you finished playing - Not sure if this actually does anything but I've always done it :P
Thanks for the suggestions. I've been using graphite + petroleum jelly in my nut for a long time now. I'll try pausing between turns/tuning each string evenly.
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This seems like what is happening is that you are putting way too much strain on the strings. Tuning up and down constantly will wear out the strings and eventually they will snap. What strings are you using? Experiment with different strings and see if that helps at all
I would advise you to get another nut cut, from a good luthier. I don't know if I would use a petroleum jelly.

How often are you changing your tuning?

Are you properly monitoring the humidity?
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