All I know is that is a Vintage Global Electric from the 70's. It was recently restored, as in a month maybe. The parts are all original. The G string buzzes when playing a little, but overall it's great. 19 fret lightweight, thin body. It was $149. He sells it only for what he buys it for, so it could've been at least $300.

It is my first electric. Would you have bought it? I know everything has to do with taste, but you tell me.

The pictures I took of it are too large but this is very similar to what it looks like.

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Looks like a Teisco guitar. If the guitar holds tune and felt good yeah i would have bought it. At least your starting out with a better guitar than i did
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All right. I am pretty much a newbie when it comes to electrics. I love playing, messing with settings and everything. BUT, I don't know a whole lot as I am a classical player. I told someone about it and they said they didn't know what it was. I don't really get why it doesn't have like a name or at least a number or something. (It says 401 on the back on the bottom of the neck) My teacher (the one who sold it to me: lovethearts.com) said they didn't tag it or something during that time. We don't even know what year it was in the seventies that it was made. Why is it even called a global?
I just went to my lesson today and my teacher said "It says Global on it. It's a global. Many people say that different older brands are Tiesco. Some people would say that --" i think he said silvertone "on the wall is a Tiesco but it isn't.