I'm thinking about building an all mahogany strat body at warmoth and doing the natural wood look with this guitar. While looking up pictures of natural mahogany guitars I noticed the brightness/darkness of all the guitars were very inconsistent. Some very light some dark. I've read that adding clear gloss finish can darken the wood, but by how much? I like the darker mahogany for sure.
Anyone get a mahogany body off warmoth recently? If possible I'd like to order the guitar with finish as I'm a busy guy right now but if applying a million coats of nitrocellouse lacquer is the only thing to do to get the finish I want then I guess that's what i'll have to do.

Any suggestions/pictures/advice/warmoth mahogany experience would be much appreciated.

Thanks guys!
You can buy clear coat in a rattle can if need be, you just have to let it sit for a WHILE.
figuring and color change between pieces of wood, no two will be exactly alike.
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I don't have any particular experience with clear coating mahogany specifically but I would point out that you really can't judge any colours from photos on the internet - heck even the same guitar can look completely different depending on the lighting conditions/exposure/post-processing/etc.

Unfortunately you're not going to know what it's really like until it's in your hands.