I've been playing guitar for a while and am now looking for a good tool to practice and to do other fun stuff. I was looking for multi-effect pedals and came out to the Digitech RP-355 and Boss ME-25.

I have a Squier Standard Stratocaster and Fender Mustang I amplifier. I play a lot Blues, Jazz, R & B and Pop. So I don't need that much distortion as with Metal, although I do want to get a beautiful solo from it.

What are your experiences with these pedals and which one can I choose best for my genres and play type? I have also heard that a multi-effects pedal is not working properly on a modeling amp like the Fender Mustang I. The sound is a lot less I hear. Are these stories true?

Thank you!
I would say the RP355 holds the edge in a number of areas. Footswitch functionality and preset editing are superior on the RP355. The ME-25 has an edge with 2 perhaps minor considerations... The 38 sec looper is longer (vs 20 sec) and easier to use. And the ME-25 has a freeze effect that is controlled by the expression pedal in a manner superior to the EHX Freeze (IMO).

For that reason I keep an ME-25 around and mix it up with other pedals or multifx even though I have a EHX SuperEgo.

Mixing a multifx with a multifx amp isn't necessarily bad, but it just adds to the complexity. Use a clean setting on the amp for starters. If the amp has an aux in consider using that.
Thanks for your reply! Yea I think I will go for the RP355. I checked some clips on youtube and I really like the sound of it. Thanks for your advice!