Hello dear members of UG!! I've got a question for which I'd like to have answer from you people. My question is regarding guitar plectrum or guitar pick. I currently use a 2.0 millimeter generic pick which got round edges so it glides across the strings quite smoothly. But the only problem I have is, the pick slips away quite often while I'm playing specially when my fingers get sweaty. This hampers my playing a lot, so I have decided to get a new pick which will stay better and won't slip away while I'm playing and also it will be comfortable so that no strain in fingers would occur. I've heard that Jim Dunlop Jazz III 3 Max Grip carbon fiber guitar picks are really great. Should I go for this pick? Does anyone of you people use it? Can you please help me regarding my problem. Your constructive opinions and suggestions are most welcome.
Buy one, try it. If you hate it, bin it.
They cost pennies! So it's really not worth getting any advice.

I buy them in packs of 20 and throw them away after each gig/band practice once the powder coating comes off.
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Buy one, try it. If you hate it, bin it.
They cost pennies! So it's really not worth getting any advice....

I know that they are not very pricey like many other guitar gears and accessories. Perhaps I will buy 4/5 different types of pick to experiment with them. I used to play with 0.94 picks which felt very uncomfortable to me. Then I started to use picks of different thickness and finally settled down into 2.0 millimeters pick. I've seen that Jim Dunlop picks are praised for their top notch quality and players seem quite satisfied with JD picks. I just wanted to know whether they are good for their value or not.
i like gatorgrips, like cath suggested. an added bonus is they don't seem to serrate as quickly as some of the other picks.

some of those maxgrip type ones are probably worth a try, too. I'm just so used to gatorgrips i can barely use anything else, lol.
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I use Dunlop Tortex "the wedge" style picks. I like 'em the best .60 is my gauge
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try GM picks (signature) solves problem
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