I'm looking for an easy to use and fast way to record guitar. It's not for anything professional. I just want a way to record ideas for later use. I'm constantly coming up with things and then I forget them the next day. I want something more streamlined than plugging my GT-10 into Audacity. I'm just too lazy to do it sometimes and I want to play instead of using the computer. It would also be nice if it could record a full rehearsal. It should be small enough to fit in a gig bag though. An on-board speaker for playback would also be great.
Zoom H1.
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I frequently use my iPad or iPhone and record ideas in Garageband. Works great and the microphone is surprisingly good.
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Could get a looper pedal like the boss RC series? Some loopers even let you save to a memory card and back them up on computer to save for later!

You also have the benefit of being able to try out several guitar parts.
there are 16GB voice recorders on ebay for like $40 bucks
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Sounds to me like you want a multitracker- the easiest way to start recording, but with the potential to create near-professional quality recordings.

You should really be in the Recordings forum for this. Theres an interfaces sticky over there that will tell you all you need to know about recording using either software or multitrackers.
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I frequently use my iPad or iPhone and record ideas in Garageband. Works great and the microphone is surprisingly good.

This. Most phones already have a recorder. You don't even need GarageBand or anything, the voice memo makes a superb recorder. You can even send your song sketches to band mates so they can come up with ideas for it before practice. Add GarageBand and you've got yourself a portable studio.
If you want to record something with any sort of quality, you will need microphones, and lots of them, but if you want something just for recording ideas without any need for crystal clarity, get one of those hand held recording devices. A lot of them have options for capturing a room.
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Were all recorded by putting the Backtrack on the output of a Zoom G3 multifx. There were recorded while sitting on a bench in the park. All battery powered and monitored with headphones. The nice thing about the Backtrack is it has a long battery life and the batteries are built in rechargeable over USB. Very cheap, basic, and functional. Horrible user interface. It's best feature is to turn it on and record continuously without worrying about battery life. My Tascam handheld eats AAA's really fast.
Use your phone voice recorder. Quality doesn't matter if you're just trying to record ideas so you remember them later. I use mine all the time for this. I also have a BOSS Micro BR as well but it doesn't have a speaker to play things back.
Something like the Zoom H1 seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. I checked out some youtube videos for the quality and it's really good. Is the H1 the only thing on the market in it's price range that good?
Boss Micro BR is pretty good it's cheap and it's tiny. Only thing is it doesn't have a speaker so you need headphones for playback. You can plug straight into it or use the built in mic to record.
If you're dead set on getting a handheld dedicated recorder you may want to try a few out in the store. They can be very frustrating devices to work with, and the frustration increases exponentially when multitracking, esp on the cheaper end.