Hey I've basically got a choice to buy either the Zoom G1XN processor or the Digitech RP155. I need some advice on which one I should get, can't make up my mind. They pretty much work out to the same price with shipping costs and stuff.
What are you primarily going to use them for (amp modeling/effects/both)?

I have a Digitech RP355 and it's decent but nothing special. The effects are OK but again, not that special. And when compared to real stompboxes, they just sound a bit artificial and boring. They get the job done though.

If you are going to use them for amp modeling, first tell us what amp you are playing through.
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Well the Zoom has an expression pedal. So that would seal the deal for me. Plus it runs on batteries.

Except for the exp pedal I would choose the RP155, which has a 20 looper, better preset editing, and the ability to use both an amp model and a distortion stomp together. In addition the RP has a USB audio interface and allows preset editing over USB.

IMO there is nothing wrong with the tone you can get from the RP series. It's up to you to decide which features are more important.
If you dont need an expression pedal, you could get a used g3 for about the same money. It has a ton of useable fx, looper, drum guide, extremely easy interface and the amp sims sound stunning through headphones. Ive owned one of the smaller rp's, boss me50 and 70 and a gnx4. I only use a mfx for home practice and rarely through an amp but I use one daily and the g3 tops them all in (hp) tone, ease of use, practically functional features and price.