ey up.

decided to do this song as a youtube video. recording setup is the same (rock band mic -> audacity, acoustica beatcraft drums).
Aware that the audio and video sync fails a bit near the end, that seems to be from uploading it as the video saved on my pc is fine :/ any tips to not let that happen?


so yeah check it out, check out the other video i got uploaded too, which also has a link to me soundcloud if you wanted to take it that far
Sorry for taking so long to reply! I read the words "youtube" "rock band mic" and "audacity" and wasn't expecting much but this is pretty wicked. Really heavy guitar tone and your leads are spot on. Some really impressive sweeps in that outro! Sounds like it could have gone on a bit longer without fading out so quick though. I'd say the drums could probably sound a little punchier (the snare mostly) and maybe put the kick and snare a bit louder in the mix?

That maple fretboard Jackson Dinky is pretty bad ass too. Gotta have maple to give those leads a bit of that Yngwie twang!