I am having a problem adding more parts to the end of this song its really annoying me. everything i add seems to no fit, the one in the track isn't that great either.

But hey give it a listen tell me what you think.


track is called song writing help

Edit - I just noticed rhythm guitars have broken at the end, oops
This is a MotherFxcking Invatation
So the song cut out for me just before the 1 minute mark, I'm not sure if that's where it was supposed to end or not. I seriously liked the beginning of the song. I felt like I got punched in the face when the rhythm came it, so very well done on that part. As far as where to go from there, that's a problem I struggle with a lot. If the part of the song I heard was all you had finished, I think something that might add some interesting contrast would be to bring it down a notch. Perhaps use a clean guitar as the rhythm or possibly even a piano so the intensity drops down and you can build it back up again. Another idea would be to switch to a major key and do something that contrasts with the earlier harshness. Both those ideas are things that I personally would do, so I'm not sure how they'd fit your style. Just some ideas for you to think about. Definitely post the finished product here for us to hear when you're done!