Always loved the looks of this model, but since they weren't sold in North America, I thought I'd never be able to own one. So it got added to my bucket list. Found one in great shape and couldn't stop myself from buying it. Why was I so horny to own one? It's those magical letters after the 5470. The burled walnut red viking top is just jaw droppingly gorgeous.

It plays like a dream, but the neck doesn't feel as wide as my other Prestige necks. So it did take a bit of time to get used to that.

I really liked the stock pickups while in E standard, but I've beefed up the strings and have gone to D. And the Hot Grinder in the bridge just loses too much definition in the low end. I do find that notes about the 12th-14th fret don't have a great deal of sustain, but I'm a metal player. So lots of gain fixes that

And yes, this thread is worthless without pics, so here are a few. Haven't had any nice weather or mowed lawn to do anything spectacular. But the burled walnut red viking finish IS spectacular. Also nice that is has a matching finish for the headstock.

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Beautiful. love the finish, hopefully you adjust to the neck. HNGD!
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that looks awesome
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Not a big Ibanez fan but that's a good looking guitar with nice lines to it. Congratulations.
Beautiful quilt. HNGD!
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That is ****in sexy

I wish they sold those in the U.S.

Where's Waldo?

I'm not a big fan of the S series Ibanez's, but I love this guitar!
Sexy guitar. HNGD!

I never did like the 5 way switch plate though. It seems weird to me.
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