Hi, here's a picture of a tab I'm trying to play, but I am having trouble with it (part of Keepers Of Fellow Man by ATR solo)

The trouble is, I have no idea how to pick the 13th fret on the B string. I'm sure I have my finger positioning right... but it seems physically impossible to roll the index finger on the 14th fret on D and G strings and then pick the next note which is on the 13th fret on the B string.

Can somebody help me and tell me the /finger position for this sweep?
I hope I explained well :/

Help is appreciated
It's actually not too difficult..

I'll try to draw a little tab explaining how I'd do it (and probably everyone else would)

B|------------------------13-17-13 <- index, pinky, index
G|--------------------14 <- middle
D|----------------14 <- middle
A|------------15 <- ring finger
E|-8-12-17 <- slide index from 8th to 12th and hammer-on 17 with pinky

Hopefully you can kind of understand what i'm trying to say. It's easier than it looks infact.
Ah okay thanks. I was probably too lazy to try to stretch my pinky. Thanks for the help

for the 6 string shape:

e---------------------------12-17-12--------------------------index, pinky
you can pre-position your hand as, pinky on that lowest A. Very useful chord shape, practice it in lower registers as well.
@ Facecut

My fellow sc Master league, I am afraid your finger positioning maybe be too awkward. The fact that you are immediately using the ring finger to place a not on the same fret adjacent to the pointer finger is bad form.

I think its superior to rolling and quite elegant. I use that concept in other situations quite a lot aswell.
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