Hi All,
I'm looking at a footswitch tuner but for some reason I can't wrap my head around why there is a bypass and an output.
When I see pedals that say true bypass I think it means the signal goes through the pedal without anything added or taken away...is that correct? no interference.

Say I have an overdrive pedal going to my amp and I want to add this pedal so I can look down and tune on the fly.......where does it go exactly?\\
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I'm still confused...even if it turns off the amp during tuning...why not just 1 output?

what is the bypass used for?
It's all there in the manual.

The one marked "Output" is muted when you activate the pedal so you can tune without the sound coming through the amp.

The one marked "Bypass" is not muted so you can still hear it through your amp while you tune if you want to.