Hello everyone, Im a new member here from Arkansas. I consider myself a lyrical genius. Why? Well just read below and be mesmerized by my lyrics.

Like charlie Sheeney, I pull on my weenie
I hit that bass, give u a little taste
of this magic sauce,
Ill squirt it in yo face (magic sauce)
ur such a disgrace(magic sauce)
how good does it taste(magic sauce x3)

Yeah, yeah me and homie on ya
just as tight as a pack of bolanga
my name is rooger
and u can meet my cooter
i bought my friend a jack vale pooter
and if you dont like me Ill drive off on my scooter

Thats what I have for now. Any opinions/suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for the look.
Thanks fellas, it means a lot...took me a LOT of time for just the hook!lol. Any suggestions on where to go from here?
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After seeing your username, this was about what I expected.

???????????? WHat do you mean toolbag?????????????????????????