I am getting ready to craigslist one of my guitars. I am putting a silver Gretsch Electromatic Pro with a bunch of upgrades (i know that generally upgrades do not add to value). it has been upgraded with NYII pickups, schaller roller bridge, sperzel locking and a graphite nut. It does have a ding on the back bottom that is small but other than that it is in very nice shape. Comes with a top of the line hard case. Would $425 be too much to ask? I think the used market is a bit soft right now but Gretsch holds pretty well. What would you consider a decent price for both seller and buyer?
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The seller want the highest price and the buyer the lowest.

Place a higher number and he will haggle and feel like he won.

or she im not a sexist.
Always price it for more than you think you will get on craigslist. That way, when someone tries to talk you down (and they will), you can say "Ok, I guess I can take that much." and they think they won.
Start it at $600.
It looks like when they were sold by retailers, they went for about $450 new. If you're including the case, (probably like, what, $80-100 for that?) that sounds fair.
Craigslist is a slut for people trying to lowball you I have sold so much crap on CL and everyone has tried to lowball when emailing, then they try it again when they show up to purchase the goods. I tried selling my old Epiphone Plus Top PRO/FX on CL I paid $600 for the guitar without a hardshell case, purchased a $110 case for it ontop of it, had it on CL for $500 didn't have anyone come close to that, I think $300 was the highest. Traded it in at my favorite guitar store and they gave me almost $500 for it, I was expecting maybe $400 because they have to turn around and re-sell it, which they did in a week for $440 so everyone ended up happy especially the dude with the guitar, I don't think you can get an Epiphone in a hardshell case for under $600 normally!
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