Hey guys!

I've been worrying about my practice routine more than my actual practice. I don't really know what to practice and for how long.

Since i started i followed justinguitars beginners lessons and then moved into intermediate foundation. Lately, however, I've felt like I'm not progressing at all.

I started looking for alternatives and found John Petrucci's Rock Discipline. He practice 4 different modules for technique (and after that i don't know) which is:
- Legato
- Sweep picking
- Scales/Linear patterns
- Arpeggios

I also found Pebber Brown's Daily practice routine which is different modules including: right/left hand technique, ear training, repertoire and other things.

What should I practice daily to develop my technique the fastest way? I want to be able to play as clean and as fast as possible, in shortest time (I feel that developing other skills is a secondary priority, no need to hear which note is which if I cant play the instrument).

Additional info: Practiced guitar for a few years. Consider myself a pretty bad player overall. Have a lot of time to practice.

Thanks in advance
Troy Stetina's Speed Mechanics will give you a good foundation in technique and teach you how to practice. Make sure you get someone qualified to help you with a trained eye so you're making the right mechanics. I was cautious of the book at first and asked about it on the forum but I gave it a chance. And it has been working for me. Slow diligent practice will get you up to speed if you follow his instruction. The book is genius in it's layout and it's been around for a couple of decades.