I bought this amp over a month ago and wanted to go through any honeymooning before I wrote a review, it also came with defective tubes and my favorite cabinet was destroyed at a gig, so I had to shop around a little for one of those. Here's a terrible cellphone picture. In it is the amp on top of my new-to-me avatar, it's got an Eminence Legend 1258 and a Texas Heat (also eminence). It's closed back and is red. The guitar is a beat up Xaviere my friend had left here, pretty nice guitar but the P90s + semi-hollow design = squealing feedback

Anyhow, as mentioned above. My previous cabinet got a foot shoved into it by some asshole at a bar, the asshole in question was a women so I couldn't do much except "accidentally" push her off the stage.

This thing came with bunk tubes as well, I pulled some tubes from a cheap Crate amp and it sounded like shit, I bought some JJs asap and they sound amazing. On top of that the reverb doesn't work. Not sure why, I already tested all the cords and whatnot.


The DSL series has two channels, "classic" and "ultra" gain. Each channel having a lower and higher gain mode, changed via a button. I've gathered that from low to high it basically goes plexi > modded plexi > jcm800 > "modern" modded jcm800. Each setting is highly usable though, the cleanest setting is very nice, classic plexi cleans except that they don't break up very much. It stays very clean dimed so long as I stay at an appropriate volume on my guitar. The "crunch" and "jcm800" type settings are my favorite though, I really think of them as the same sound. They're by far the most marshall sounding settings on the amp and cover the whole gambit of british crunch from ACDC to early thrash. One thing I've come to notice is that this amp has kind of an AC30/Vox vibe in the mid gain on those channels. The real plexis and JCM800s I've played didn't have that, I really enjoy it. With a single coil or p90 I can get some awesome british-indie sort of chimey-grindiness going.

The highest gain setting I'm not crazy about. It's a little saturated and is great for noisey stuff. I would enjoy it more if it had a similar voicing to the JCM800-type channel. But as I noted earlier, it sounds a little bit modern. I'm guessing it was their attempt at a grungey/mesa voicing. Just based on the years they were making these amps.

It also has an FX Loop, seems to do fine from how much I've used it. I've put my PODHD in it and got some okay results. I'm probably going to buy some real pedals though. As mentioned earlier, the reverb is not working so no comment.

Finally, the front panel is easy to use. It's definitely a marshall seeing as how it's about as barebones as a 4 channel (sort of) amp can get. This brings me to the major downside though, the freaking EQ is shared between everything, what the **** marshall. On that note, the other downside I'd list is that the "tone shift" and "deep" buttons which cut mids and boost bass respectively, are shit. They sound meh while alone, but using them in a band situation shows their true colors, which is shit brown.

So the tl;dr for that would be

+Cleans are great

+Both "crunch" channels are amazing, it sounds more british than marshall in the mid gain range

+FX Loop and front panel are easy to use and work well

-High gain channel is hit-or-miss

-The tone shaping push-buttons are bad

-Shared EQ is quite annoying


The first time I took this on stage it took a dive from my friend's half stack. I picked it back up and put it up, worked fine. Obviously this could have been a fluke, but so far it seems to be Peavey-tier in terms of reliability. The actual amp is probably 10 years old and other than the tubes/reverb, everything is in perfect working order.

Also, not gonna lie, it looks badass to have a big marshall on stage. I was never much of a mainstream brand guy, but I can see why people dig it. It looks cool.


I'm quite happy with my purchase, the only sound I haven't been happy with is a high gain metal one. I don't own a boost or EQ though, so I have a feeling that is part of it. I'm looking at an MXR 10 band and TS7 right now, if anyone has suggestions on that I'd love to hear them.
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HNAD!!! I had that amp at one time, loved it.
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I expected a lego clone of a DSL


Where's Waldo?

Nice, I like my JCM2000 alot.

You deff need a boost pedal with it. I like the GFS Greenie and a Bad Monkey I use both with my DSL.
The classic crunch channel is really nice when you boost it.
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Or you could go the Gary Moore route and grab a Marshall Guv'nor mk1. Then you can do this:

That's a quadraverb as well but you should be able to dial in something acceptable with your pod to cover that element. He's also using EV's but hey, who can afford those?


And may I say, fill the preamp up with JJ tubes. ECC803 in V1 and ECC83S everywhere else.
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