I'm looking to start jamming with friends, at the moment I have a 5 watt tube amp and i've heard it'll start to really struggle when pushed, and wont have the high end.
I'm not looking for anything super loud or huge, just something that wont struggle keeping up with a hard drummer.

What amp would you reccommend for a good hendrix/frusciante sound.

I don't have a big budget, a few hundred pound maybe.

Willing to buy used.

Would like Marshall/Fender
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I would suggest:

-Peavey classic 30. Good cleans and OD, and can be had for around $300 used.

- Fender Blues Jr. Probably a little more expensive, but if you pair it with a good OD pedal, it will kill Hendrix and Frusciante tones.
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Marshall JCM2000 DSL401/201 would be great and they are pretty cheap used.
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