So I recently upgraded from a Line 6 Spider III 15 watt amp to a Fender Stage 160. The cleans are so much better, but I can't get a good distortion sound using my Boss Ds-1. Anyone have any good suggestions as for a good distortion pedal that will help me with my problem? I play an Epiphone Dot Studio and I mainly play stuff like Blink-182, Four Year Strong, New Found Glory and other stuff like that. Any help is greatly appreciated!
My immediate thought is the Joyo US Dream
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The DS-1 can be greatly improved with few component mods if you are up to that sort of thing. There's a wealth of info online about how to do it. If you can solder it may be worth your time. Boss pedals are built like tanks, if you improve the electronics they are a very good thing indeed.
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or you can give it to keeley for I think 65$-75$

steve vai uses the modded DS-1, and satriani also