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Countdown Gear


> Not sure what guitar in particular Dave (or Marty Friedman) used on that tune in particular, but Mustaine was using a Jackson King V, likely his sig model, which was a neck-through model with an ebony fretboard, poplar wings on the V, a Kahler 3310 bridge and a high-output Seymour Duncan pickup, likely a Duncan Distortion wound by Maricella Juarez (aka MJ).

> The signature V (the KV1, I believe) had 24 frets, two volume controls, 1 tone knob and a 3-way selector switch.

> Friedman also used a high-output Duncan pickup, either a Duncan Distortion or JB.


In case there's any doubt about the rig, here's Dave's '92 live rig with the CAE and VHT units in it (guitardudeproducts.com photo, click to see bigger).
Other than production/engineering magic, here’s where the wood is. Both guitarists used the Custom Audio Electronics 3+SE preamp with a VHT 2150 power amp, which used 6550 tubes. The cabs were Marshall 4x12s, not sure what speakers but in his signature Marshall cabs he likes Celestion V30s – but rated at 70w per speaker.

Jackson DK2
1962 Fender Esquire
PEAVEY 6505+ 112