On Youtube I see a lot of finger-style arrangements which are played in alternative tunings. My question is while arranging, how does one go about figuring out what tuning is best? Are there some good popular alternative tunings that they always fall back on?
Open tunings seems to be the staple for that kind of guitar play, as it helps you explore further up the fretboard without sacrifice harmony.
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DADGAD is an old favourite, and pretty common as fingerstyle goes. CGCGCE and DGDGBD are both open tunings (C and G respectively) that are also fun to mess with.
A personal favourite of mine that I don't see as much as I'd like to is Dadd9 (DADF#AE). Absolutely lovely sounding.

EDIT: Silly me, I only skimmed the original post. It all depends on the key of the song really. What most people I've seen do is tune to DADGAD and use a capo to have the lowest note the key of whatever song is being covered. The same principle applies to CGCGCE, particularly if a song is in a major key and relies heavily on the root note (if minor, try CGCGCEb)
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