Guys, my name is Rodi. I read this board quite often to gain knowledge, and I have learned many things just by reading here, but I have never posted until tonight. Last night, my bands jam space got flooded (like most of Toronto). It was the worst news I could have gotten this morning.

All the pedals I use were on the floor and got soaked. I opened them up to let them dry. Some of them look better than others but there are parts where you can see either rust or oxidation from the water. I am scared to plug them in. Any advice on where to go from here would be greatly appreciated. We are playing a gig this saturday THanks in advance.

The bottom of my Blues deluxe got soaked as well and I am also scared to turn it on.
For your amp open it up as much as possible and put a fan on it, or use a hairdryer to dry it out.

As for the pedals, it's hard to say. Could you post some pictures? A scotch brite pad and some wd 40 works decent for removing rust from metal, but with small electronic components you might be up a crick.

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I didn't think of the rice. That worked when I went swimming with my cell phone. That's probably your best bet for the pedals.

Jackson RR3 Rhoads and DK2M Dinky
Peavey 6505+ w/ Avatar 212 cab
Ibanez TS9, ISP Decimator, MXR 10 Band EQ
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Throw the pedals in a bowl of rice for a day or two
Take the PCBs out if possible and put just those in.

They'll be fine as long as no current goes through them until they're dry.


Just wait until they're 100% dry to turn them back on, and odds are they're fine.
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How deep was the water? The only thing in the amp that I see getting damaged is the reverb tank if it was sitting as it should, in which you should get it out of that black pouch and open it up to let the springs and electronics dry out. You can always unplug it from the amp while it dries.
Thanks so much for all your responses. Really appreciate it. I just opened them up to let them dry out. I am work right now so I cannot post any pictures, but once I get home I will be able to put them up. Again, very appreciative of all your help.

Get a can of contact cleaner, maybe two and spray the hell out of the inside of the pedals. Spray the pots then turn them till your wrist is sore, then do it again.
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