I'm still somewhat in the beginner stages of playing guitar and want to know for bands like The Black Keys and Arctic Moneys do they pretty much make up chord progressions with power chords and movable barre chords or do they use other chords that you would most likely find in a chord book somewhere
They use a lot of power chords. I'm not sure if they limit themselves strictly to powerchords. Learn some of their songs and find out.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Check out some of their live sets/footage on youtube. Can't say i know much about either band... but you should be able to see if they're using barre/power chords through videos.
The short answer is yes, they both use power chords extensively.

The slightly longer answer is that the arctic monkeys will use power chords for most of their rock-y-er songs, while the Black Keys generally use power chords on El Camino, the treble strings of barre chords for Brothers, and the bass strings of barre chords, and more single note line in the stuff earlier than that.
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