Building my first guitar and need to know which will be better.. the guitar will have humbuckers and and the humbuckers will be suited more for high gain stuff so i need to know which pot would be best for the volume and which would be best for the tone... i dont know much about that kind of pot so don't start throwing all these terms at me please.
500 is better for high gain, both tone and volume. Hell, if you just want high gain, you could go with 1meg and probably be okay. You would just have more treble at your disposal and be hitting your amp harder.
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You wouldn't be hitting your amp any harder. The max signal available is the same over the majority of the frequency range; the larger pots just load down the high treble less. 250k is too dark for humbuckers, in most peoples' opinions.
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Think of it this way - a 250k is basically a 500k pot rolled down half way, and a 500k pot is a 1meg pot rolled down half way.

In general, the higher the pot value, the "brighter" the sound. As said above, you won't be "hitting the amp harder" at all. I have no idea where that guy got that info.

You can mix and match as much as you want, but in general it would be 500k pots for humbuckers and 250k pots for single coils. 1meg pots are usually only used for long cable runs and such. There are 300k pots that split the difference between 250k and 500k if you feel 250 is too dark but 500 is too bright.

It really just depends on the specific pickup and the guitar you are putting it in. I would suggest you try different values in both volume and tone and figure out the combo you like best.

This link will explain pretty much everything you need to know about pots, and guitar wiring in general. http://www.guitarelectronics.com/category/wiring_resources_guitar_wiring_diagrams.wiring_faqs/#q1
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