Hi, I recently moved from guitar to bass. I'm looking for a cheapish head and cab for recording, rehearsing and playing small venues. Portability is key! I've been looking at the following heads:

TC Electronic BH 500
Ampeg PF 500
Gallien Krueger MB500
Eden WTX-264

Can anyone recommend me one of these and suggest portable speaker cab options? Planning on buying the head first and the cab when I have a little more money.

I'm very interested in the Portaflex head and cab, mainly for portability. I've read pretty decent reviews on other websites, however the consensus here seems to be that it's overpriced and gimmicky, is that fair to say?)

I play an Epiphone Rivoli, a Verythin and a P-Bass. I play indie pop/rock stuff (The Smiths, Talking Heads, Deerhunter, Lower Dens)... so mids are important.