Hi, I'm not a very good player, but I'm not a beginner either, I have decent equipment for my standard (Epi Les Paul and Blackstar HT-5) and a good grasp of the Minor Pentatonic scale. When I pick up my guitar, I tend to just improvise on that scale for a bit, get bored, and do other things. I don't know how to progress and what to progress on to. I haven't been playing much lately as I am revising constantly and am just irritated and antagonized with guitar in general. I cant get the sounds I want out of my amp and guitar and am basically just stuck for what to do next. I play blues kind of things; licks and phrases but I am never satisfied with what I play and how/the way I play it. I'm looking for advice on my amp, guitar and pedals for the sound I'm after, a nice overdriven, smooth blues tone and half decent cleans but I'm mainly looking for advice on how to progress. Any tips? Scales, exercises and advice is what I'm after, just any ways to get out of this hole I'm in and progress onto and become a better player. Also, has anybody ever had this feeling?
Thanks, Sam
Find a particularly challenging riff, song part, or song, learn the technique employed, learn that peice till you've mastered it to a metronome. Its not the complete answer to your problem but it can work.

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Learn some basic chords really, learn a few easy songs to build momentum and confidence to keep playing.
play songs and riffs that you like. play anything that you enjoy playing. do this alongside any technical exercises like scales.

enjoying it is the most important thing I think
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Learn the other pentatonic patterns, there are five, then add in the other two notes to make the natural minor scale. Then you'll know the natural minor scale all over the fretboard. You should then learn how to solo in major keys.
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