This weekend im looking to buy new pickups for my Ibanez RG870QMZ and Im looking for some opinions.

The ones that stand out are Seymour Duncan Invaders, Seymour Duncan DimeBucker (altho ive been told its utter crap), Di Marzio super distortion, or Di Marzio Evolutions (The steve vai ones). I was told by a friend that the Di marzio evolutions or the Invaders were my best bet since I already have a guitar with invaders in it.

I know that a new amp would be much better but I only ever play at bedroom volume at the moment and wont really entertain buying a new amp.
What exactly are you looking to achieve by changing your pickups? What's wrong with your current set that you feel the need to replace them? What music do you play? What's your budget?

Pickups sound different in different guitars so you shouldn't really just think "oh this sounds good in my strat so ill toss it in my LP"
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Yeah, you need to answer a lot of other questions first. If you're knocking around on a cheap amp and you're trying to get a modern metal sound, for example, a different pickup won't do that. If you have a decent amp, but just need some tighter sound or more gain (which is what i'm guessing, based on the above pickup choices) then yes, get the invader or super distortion. Go to the store and try to find guitars similar to yours that may already have those pickups installed and see what you think.
Ive got a crack right across the bottom of the plastic casing in between the pole of my bridge pickup and its very loose almost as if its about to fall off and im sure this will eventually mess with the pickup and even if it wont effect the pickup its still visually noticeable to me.

I play a mixture of stuff but this guitar i bought specifically to play hard rock and metal so I guess a sort of maiden sound is what id be aiming for? My budget isnt really important as long as im not paying much over £200 for a neck, bridge pickup and getting it fitted.
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Super distortion. Maybe a Duncan Screamin Demon for the neck if they still make them. I had one years ago and it was great for leads.
isn't 200 pounds almost $300 US? That should be more than enough money.
Super Distortion + PAF Pro should work pretty well for Maiden tones.
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Anybody have any opinions on the Evolutions? Just seen the store has them in purple lol. Before anyone goes off on one I wont buy them based on the colour.
Nope. But I did put a set of red dragonfires in my black LTD EXP300 and I love them.