Hey guys,
I've joined a new upcoming thrash band a few months ago and we've played a few gigs where the audience received us really well (and one or two that didn't go so well..). We haven't recorded anything yet because we want to focus on writing songs first, but I figured I could promote our band a little by showing some live footage. The sound quality isn't great, but the riffs are audible and you can also just comment on the way we perform.

So yeah, just check out the songs, tell me what you think and (if you really like it) you can like us on our facebook page (which really needs to be updated). https://www.facebook.com/Malismthrash
Thanks in advance.


(There's also a clip of us covering Indians by Anthrax, but it wasn't really good so I've left it out.)
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too distorted of a live video. the world is watching.

Yeah, watching these clips makes we want to record a decent demo/LP asap. But these clips will have to suffice for now.