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I know you learn licks in songs, yes. I mean like a tabbed lick, am I missing out on a lot more for my practice?

And does anyone know where I can find some exercises for picking? I'm solid with it but I can always improve, I don't want to do the same chromatic exercise. Or scale runs, I do those daily.

Sorry if it's a dumb question, rude answers are accepted. Thanks.
As for licks, i'd say the best licks you can learn is the ones that you enjoy from your favorite artists. I never search for like "jazz licks" or anything like that, i listen to my favorite jazz players and then when i hear a lick i really like i learn it. So just learn things you like, you should enjoy what your learning and not learn stuff just for learning stuff.

On the picking question, practice stuff you can't do. Like, what's difficult with alternate picking for you to do? Practice that! I am not a great picker myself, i've always been more of a legato guy, but i recently i have started practicing alternate picking really much and the way to do it is to analyze your playing and find out WHY you can't do it as good as you want to, and then work on that aspect of it. This applies for all techniques on guitar, as well as music theory.
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