I am into playing Alternative Metal and Grunge Metal and i am interested in upgrading to a Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom in Antique Ebony. Could anyone tell me If the Classic Custom is a good guitar for Alternative And Grunge Metal?
Honestly dude, almost any guitar can be made to sound metal... it really comes down to what guitar speaks to you & how you play it... the amp & pickups also have a big part as well. Many Gibsons are great guitars, but just cause it says Gibson at the top doesn't make it a great guitar... I've played a few Epi's that were just as good & better than their more expensive counterpart

I find that often times Gibson's are just so expensive because of the brand recognition... but a cheaper LTD EC-1000 may be comparable to what you're going after.

My recommendation is this: don't set yourself to a single brand, or even the big name brands... just play a shit ton of guitars thru a bunch of amps until you find a combination that you're comfortable with & sounds great.