Short and sweet: love my strat to death. Hate having cycle-60 hum on the neck and bridge though. I know it's an inherent part of single-coils, but I figured before I start looking into doling out the money for new pickups, I'd see if anyone knows of some sort of magical way to eliminate it with single-coils that I don't.

I get a feeling no such thing exists, but I figured I'd ask since it'd be preferable not to have to try pickups that'll change the tone in ways I won't know until they're in. On that note though, anyone know of some good stacked single-coils that stick to a normal strat sound instead of trying to be a mini-humbucker?

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You can always buy some Copper shielding tape and put it in the pickup and control cavities of your guitar . I have a Squier Butterscotch Affinity Telecaster which I did this with and it worked wonders. That or you could invest in a set of Fender Vintage Noiseless Pickups.
you might want to consider a noisegate pedal... my understanding is they cut the signal from the guitar to the amp when its below a certain amplitude? (i.e. when you aren't playing). i can't vouch for them personally, though going off the tiny amount of experience i've had with them, they probably don't do what you want - just better for gigs, between songs or whatever.

can't help with pickup choice though, my apologies.

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Don't Lace Sensor do a set of noiseless singles?

EDIT: As do Bill Lawrence and Fender supposedly.

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A noise gate will definitely do what you want. But it won't "eliminate" the hum so to speak. If you stop a chord or note quickly you'll hear the hum for a split second afterward. This can be decreased or even eliminated by changing the settings on it, though this usually leads to decreased sustain, so you have to play around a bit to find the sweet spot.
Lace makes a few different sensors that will do what you ask, ranging from a regular "Gold" sensor thats a 50's style sound, all the way thru humbucking single coils. We have many options for the individual pickups themselves as you can combine the colors for different tone set ups. Red being the hottest, and gold aiming for the warmth the older guitars create so well. We even have what we call a "loaded" pickguard with preloaded combinations into a pickguard fully set up, all you would have to do is wire the input jack and you're done! theres many options, hope you find the tone you're looking for!