Hi I was wondering if anyone could help with my question?
I own an old jackson js30 warrior that I have already replaced stock pickups with emg 81 and 85 combo.
My problem is though that the bridge is knackered, the saddles are so worn down and adjusting intonation is a joke as the saddle will not move back far enough to get the intonation right.
No one seems to know what could cause this as I have asked several times on diffrent forums with the same tired responses of 'are you turning the screw too much? And 'you must do only slight adjustments'.
This bridge is just rubbish and I'm really hoping its not the position of the bridge main screws that's at fault as I have heard that's a major job to fix!!
What I wanted to know is - should I try buying a replacement bridge (at low cost) and see if that helps or should I just sell emgs and throw this axe to the dogs?
If replacing bridge does anyone know which size tune-o-matic bridge fits this guitar?
Or how to measure bridge for a replacement?
Thanks in advance for any help.
I was given a friend of a friend's Dean Baby V to look at some years ago because it was having similar issues. It has the same setup: ToM bridge, string through. I couldn't get it to itonate at all...until I put new strings on it. I was amazed - in 20 years I'd never come across old strings causing intonation problems.

I'm just recounting this story as it was new information for me. Whenever I'm doing a setup or troubleshooting now, I always throw a new set of strings on first.

Looking at your problem logically, it's unlikely that the bridge is in the wrong position because, presumably, it used to tune up okay. If you think the saddles are shot then you could try a new bridge.

Is everything else okay? Neck relief correct and the action not too high? A high action will cause extra tension when fretting so the 12th fret will sound sharp against the 12th harmonic, making you think the saddle needs moving back.
Thanks for quick reply
I have unfortunatly tried new strings and have adjusted both the neck relief and bridge height to no avail. I will however mention it seems to be the top 3 strings that won't tune correctly especially the g string. When I got this guitar I had neither the knowledge or knowhow to hear it being slightly out of tune haha!
so could have been an issue since day 1.
Also the high e is very close to the edge of the fret board so positioning could maybe be an issue?
Well it's not exactly the cheapest guitar out. For that level of spend you would expect it not to have issues like this.
The position of the string relative to the edge of the fretboard shouldn't be an issue for tuning.
Maybe someone else will have some ideas.
Thanks for your help I think I'm going to try and fit a new bridge and see if that helps.
You dont happen to know if tune-o-matics are universal size or do I need one specific to this Jackson?
I think you'll find there's a couple of different types with different style/size of mounting post. Just look which yours is and check every measurement you can.