My music tastes are splaying and I'm torn between buying a diverse rock guitar or an 8-string metal monster. I've got an 8-string in mind and you all were great in giving me information in that thread, but now I've got a rock guitar in mind to compare it to.
Right now my main guitar is an Epiphone SG. I have a lot of problems with it - the action is very high due to fret buzz around the nut, there's a problem with the toggle switch, the pickups are dull, and it's so neck-heavy that it's uncomfortable to stand with.
I was looking at replacing it with the Ibanez AR325, but I'd like some reassurance that it'll give me what I want. It seems stocked with tonal capability, but I'd like to know how the pickups sound (especially since most Ibanez stock pickups are terrible), and whether or not the guitar is well-balanced when standing.

TL;DR: Is the Ibanez AR325 any good?

If anyone else would like to recommend me a rock guitar, what I'm looking for are:
At least two passive pickups, bridge pickup should be a humbucker
Preferably short scale (~24.75")
At least one volume and one tone knob
Fixed bridge
Under $600
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Nobody? Then perhaps I shall buy it and be more hipster than the dude playing the Fender Jaguar... muahahahaha
I was able to play one for a while at a GC last month. Overall, pretty nice guitar with one big hang-up for me, which I'll get to in a minute.

As far as pickups go, they weren't bad at all. No issues there. I was playing the guitar through an Egnater Rebel 30 head into the matching 4x12 cab with a nice, fairly mid-heavy hard rock tone. The set up felt really nice overall the guitar played well. The neck, to my tastes, was a bit on the fat side of things but not uncomfortable or unbearable.

However, the one thing I found to be a turn off was the location of the pickup selector switch, which happens to be placed very close to the bottom of the neck pickup. Multiple times while playing I found myself hitting the switch accidentally, which became increasingly annoying. I don't think I could use this guitar during a gig because I'd constantly be hitting, or just worrying that I'd hit, the selector switch.

All in all, I thought it was a nice guitar but the terrible placement of the pickup switch would prevent me from buying it.
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I may not be the best person to chime in on this, but it looks a lot like my AX7221, which I personally love and don't have any issue with it. It's cheap but it treats me right, especially for a 7 stringer. But that looks like a much much nicer guitar than my AX. The mahogany body is actually rather nice. And that one looks like a unibody (if that's the term I'm looking for).
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