For regular contributors to UG, ratings abuse can be very hurtful - emotionally, whatever, but in terms of site rating and points etc. It's also much more permanent to pick up enemies on UG than a site that doesn't have contributor ranking.
As such, I think blocking should remove a user's ability to vote on contributions by the person who blocked them. This way, dishonest down-votes can be avoided and users being harassed by ratings abusers need not worry about being knocked down.
Yeah, I've had a guy create 3 accounts apart from his own to down-vote my stuff. Just in the last day, actually. Barrels of fun. Great thing to come home from work to.
What about blocking votes by friends so they don't game the system in the other direction either

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Makes sense. Although it will have to be programmed in a way so it's not retroactive.

I thought it did already? That people you block can't vote on your tabs/etc?
If it isn't like that, definitely agree that it should be.

Also agree that votes by friends probably shouldn't be allowed. I had one in my friend list one day just 5 star several of my tabs within a short time period. Although I think they're fine, it didn't feel right and thought it was a hint at doing the same the other way around - which is a kind of thing I expect happens a lot on here.