Crazy song man. Sounds like a drummer's nightmare (or paradise :P).

The rhythm guitar sounded pretty fuzzy to me. Maybe work on the tone a bit or eq it to clean it up some. It sounded pretty tight and in time though. The intro seemed a little out of time though, so I'd check that out.

The cymbals to me were a little distracting to me in the beginning and the end because it made it hard for me to hear the rest of the song. I'm not super well versed in that style of music so that might be entirely appropriate, but I figured I'd comment on it anyhow.

I liked the lead guitar part. Even though it was pretty simple I thought it did it's job and aded an angry top end to the song... it sort of reminded me of someone going on a crazy rampage through a house smashing dishes on the walls.

Keep it up!
Actually going for that sort of fuzzy sound. Thanks for the details..appreciate it a lot!
It's funny how the the shittier you make your tone sound, the better it sounds when tracked at least twice.

Because when I make a tone, I try to make it sound the best I can, but when I double track it, it sounds good, but overly good, like it's too much distortion, or too much of this and that. But when I made the tone a little less quality, and double tracked it, it sounded better. I guess it's a less is more type of thing.

Good stuff.