I've been writing this song for the last 3 days and got around to recording it for my online project. Vocalist will be laying down some vocals in a few weeks and I'm excited to see how THAT turns out.

Bass is guitar, neck pickup, tone-off, pitch shifted an octave down

The guitar playing was really tight and the production quality seemed pretty solid. Something about the cymbals didn't work. I can't quite put my finger on it, but they seemed too soft. That might just be a personal thing though. I'm sure once you get a singer to lay down vocals it'll be awesome.
Hey thanks, Emraj! yeah cymbals are killing me too I might play around with some more EQing them tonight
For the cymbals, turn them up, but get some low-pass action on them. They're too quiet and too tinny. Alternatively, you could do that to the room, instead of the overhead. As a DKFH user (washy cymbals everywhere), that's what usually works best. Guitars are good though; could use some more highs if you're ready to drill out some of the fizz.
Also, "Divide The Divine" is one of the few non-ironic (see: Slice The Cake) Verb The Noun names that I kind of like.
I will definitely keep that in mind mate!

and vocalist and I were sitting down and REALLY hated "Verb the Noun" names and were trying out 1-word names but this just kind of came to us at the same time :P
I'm looking to borrow or buy a bass solely for recording purposes :P So that'll definitely help a lot in the near future