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Very mood intro. Reminds me of APC. Vocals are tortured enough for a whole album haha! Definitely angsty. I think the growling was a bit much, but this isn't really my style so it may be just enough for someone who's super into this feel. overally cool ideas.

crit me? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1603920

Don't know who APC is lol. Yea, I just tried to fit the vocals with the subject matter. Not much of a vocalist and haven't done it for that long. I just bounce around in different types of vocals styles. Don't wanna be stuck with one way.
Thanks for checking it out man, appreciate it.
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your guitar is out of tune.

Heh, yea, probably. The guitar I used to record this gets out of tune really easy. One bend is all it takes sometimes. Thanks for checking it out though man.