When I alternate picking at very slow speeds, my wrist is doing strick translatory movement (going up-down, up-down etc), but when I speed up slowly , my wrist start to rotate (like going in and out ) more and more, as i speed up. Is it normal? It has been bothering me, because I think it's causing my speed limitation. I think translatory movement is more precise. What do you think?
The problem is that you're not picking from your shoulder. You need to make the biggest motions possible if you want to see the best results in the shortest amount of time. It will also help to tie ankle weights to your arms to provide more resistance and a diet rich in protein will all help you to reach your goals quicker. You're not going to see gains like this unless you seriously relearn your picking approach. Do you honestly think he is as big as he is because he picks from his wrist? I think not.

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